The workshop will be conducted on the 30th of April between 09:00-and 17:20 in local time (GMT-5) in Room 395 and through Zoom. Here is the schedule & poster sessions:
09:00-09:35 – (35 min) Introduction
09:35-10:20 – (45 min) Session 1Body Tracking Kits
  • – Towards a Toolkit to Enable Digitalized Emotion Sharing using Wearable Sensor Streams, Kirill Ragozin and Kai Kunze.
  • Towards An Accessibility Assessment Toolkit using On-Body Sensing, Kai Kunze.
  • WearaFab: Digital Fabrication for Wearables Toolkits, Cedric Honnet, Yunyi Zhu, Junyi Zhu, Michael Wessely and Stefanie Mueller
  • From Transhumanism to Posthumanism – A Strategy for DesigningWearables, Anna Nolda Nagele
  • Designing a Wearable Sensor-Fusion Toolkit for Motor Skill Learning, Bettina Eska, Steeven Villa, Sven Mayer and Jasmin Niess
10:20-10:50 – (30 min) Coffee Break (& Demonstrations)
10:50-11:40 – (50 mins ) Session 2 Audiences & Use Cases
  • Smart Jewelry Prototyping with Children as Part of a Service Design Process, Virve Inget, Mari Suoheimo and Jonna Häkkilä
  • Flexability: An E-textile Toolkit for Persons with Limited Mobility, Lara Grant, Adrian Freed and Anna Blumenkranz
  • Building Wearable Identities: Recommendations for Wearable Toolkits to Support Queer Expression, Adrian Bolesnikov, Karen Cochrane and Audrey Girouard
  • Wearables for Robots: Co-design Toolkit Exploration, Jonna Häkkilä, Siiri Paananen, Ashley Colley, Kaisa Väänänen, Aparajita Chowdhury and Aino Ahtinen
  • SocialWearables Toolkit for Edu-Larp ‘Camp-in-a-Box’, James Fey, Ella Dagan and Katherine Isbister
  • Envisioning a Toolkit for Storytelling with Garments, Sabrina Lakhdhir and Sowmya Somanath
11:40-11:50 – (10 min) Break
11:50-12:40 – (50 mins)  Session 3 – Exploring Specific Technologies
  • WearEC: Designing Toolkits for Exploring Wearable Electrochromic Displays, Caglar Genc, Hayati Havlucu and Ashley Colley
  • Kinetic Wearables Toolkit: Actuator Mounts and Attachment Methods for Wearable Electronics Prototyping Applications, Kate Hartman and Chris Luginbuhl
  • nLITEn: A Wearables Toolkit for Enabling Creativity in Fashion Technology Design, Sydney Pratte, Shannon Hoover, Anthony Tang and Lora Oehlberg
  • RFID-enabled End User Development Toolkit for Designing Fashionable Wearables, Ruowei Xiao, Shiva Jabari, Asif Shaikh, Johanna Virkki and Oguz Buruk
  • CircuitGlue: A Software Configurable Converter for Interconnecting Multiple Heterogeneous Electronic Components, Mannu Lambrichts, Raf Ramakers, Steve Hodges and James Devine
  • Smell & Paste: Low-Fidelity Prototyping of Olfactory Experiences, Jas Brooks, Alex Mazursky, Yudai Tanaka and Pedro Lopes
12:40-14:00 – (1 h 20 mins) Lunch
14:00-15:00 – (1 h)  Session 4 – E-textiles
  • Digi Merkki: An Interactive Clothing Patch Creation Kit for Socio-cultural Dress, Felix Epp
  • Can Wearable Toolkits Help Us Design Re-usable and Sustainable Technologies?, Lee Jones
  • MYOW – Make Your Own Wearable A Toolkit and Platform for the development of textile-based wearables, Clara E. Gleiss, Emil Woop and Esther Zahn
  • The Soft Systems Design Kit, Richard Vallett, Chelsea Amanatides, Genevieve Dion, Kapil Dandekar, Kelly Joyce and Ali Shokoufandeh
  • Using Technology Toolkits in E-Textiles Education, Emmi Harjuniemi and Heiko Müller
  • Infinite – an E-textile Toolkit Designed for Fashion and Textile Designers, Mei Zhang, Rebecca Stewart and Nick Bryan-Kinns
  • Tailored but versatile, simple but powerful: Challenges and Insights of Wearable Toolkit Design, Andreas Peetz, Konstantin Klamka and Raimund Dachselt
15:00-15:30 – (30  min)  Round Table Discussions – Ideation for toolkits
15:30-16:00 – (30 mins) – Coffee Break (& Demonstration)
16:00-16:30 – (30 min)  Round Table Discussions – Group Presentations
16:30-17:20 – (50 min) – General discussions & Planning Future Steps