Project Description

Augmenting Human Appearance through Technological Design Layers

Çağlar Genç, Özge Raudanjoki, Ashley Colley and Jonna Häkkilä

Frontiers in Computer Science, 03 February 2022

Augmenting human appearance with the means of technology can focus on different layers attached to or around the body. In this article, we present a categorization of human appearance and expression, with augmenting skin and its appendages, clothing and textile, accessories, body parts, and digital aura around the body. We report a non-systematic review of related works in each category and discuss their means in expressing functional, hedonic, and social aspects. In conclusion, our study contributes design perspectives on augmenting human appearances, as well as reveals challenges and opportunities.

Genç, Ç., Raudanjoki, Ö., Colley, A., & Häkkilä, J. (2022). Augmenting Human Appearance through Technological Design LayersFrontiers in Computer Science4, 755451